Case Study : Pieceful Solutions

Pieceful Solutions PR Firm

Client: Pieceful Solutions


Assignment: Help a school for students with autism increase its profile in Arizona, boost enrollment, and become a school of choice for parents with children on the autism spectrum.


Approach: Bring attention to the unmet educational needs of students with autism. Share parent, teacher and student testimonials. Use social media to reach engaged parents, and communicate the personalized attention and unique programming at Pieceful Solutions. Capture videos of school fieldtrips and dances, and share photos from karate, cooking, music, yoga and life skills classes. Increase word-of-mouth about Pieceful Solutions through large media stunts that go viral – including a human blue ribbon of students for Autism Awareness Day, school locations lit up blue for Autism Awareness Month, and a personal thank-you note for celebrity Emma Stone for bringing greater awareness to autism.


Results: From TV station helicopter flyovers and countless news articles to national online placements at and, Pieceful Solutions is on the map as a trusted school for students with autism. The school has expanded its presence, growing from two locations to three, and has plans to open more locations in the near future. All of the school’s campuses have waiting lists for enrollment. Some parents move their families across the country so their children can attend school at Pieceful Solutions.


Duality PR has played a key part in helping put Pieceful Solutions on the map. They have increased awareness for all three campuses through creative publicity, grassroots outreach and social media communication.

– Robin Rollando, Chief Operating Officer, Pieceful Solutions

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